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Miss Junction 21 entry


Along with this entry, you are required to donate a tin of cat or dog food as part of your entry in support of the SPCA. This can be delivered to Junction 21 on the day.

If you would prefer to download the application form, click here: application form

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  1. Registration is required for entry, no entries will be accepted after the cut-off date.
  2. The organizers reserve the right to change. The application closing date to a later date of their choice.
  3. There is an entry fee of R150 PLUS a tin of cat or dog food as part of your entry in support of the SPCA.
  4. Contestant entry only confirmed once payment has cleared in the organizer’s account. Upon receipt of the entry form, an invoice will be mailed, confirmation of entry will only apply once payment has been made and received in a said bank account.
  5. Proof of payment is required for all entries, these are to be sent to Entries may be delivered by hand to the organizer (detailed below). Cash entries will be accepted – please pay these to Dina as per the below details.
  6. The Organisers reserve the right to cancel or change the date of the event, based on external factors and government regulations. No refunds will be given should the date be changed.
  7. No refunds on confirmed registrations.
  8. The Contestants must enter the competition based on their age group they will fall under on the day of the competition (5 June 2021).
  9. No make-up to be worn by contestants in the categories 3 – 13 years. Disqualification will apply with no refund.
  10. The theme is FORMAL EVENING WEAR. Each contestant is allowed ONE costume and this costume is to be in line with the theme of the event.
  11. The Organisers reserve the right to change categories as deemed fit, at their sole discretion.
  12. Each category will have a winner, 1st and 2nd princess which will be announced on the competition day.
  13. The competition will be judged by a panel of judges. Their decisions will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into once their decisions have been made. Contestants, their representatives, and any person affiliated with the contestant are NOT allowed to communicate with the judges. Failing to adhere to this rule, will lead to immediate disqualification.
  14. The Organisers are granted the right to use contestant photos for promotional use at their discretion.
  15. Winners in each category must be available for promotional events at Junction 21 from time to time.
  16. All entries to be submitted and paid in full by 30 May 2021

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Age group

3-6, 7-9, 10-13, 14-16, 17-19, 20+

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